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Why Ayana Mack Design?

Since beginning my journey, my dedication to creative work has led me to an online shop,

exceptional projects, and experiences.

An affordable way to purchase in bulk to resell or to gift a large team.

Imagine a hands-on experience to create and connect with others.

Bring your vision to life with Strategy, UX/UI, Graphic Design, & Social Media.

Let's partner together to inspire a community of entrepreneurs & creatives.

Who is Ayana Mack?

For ten years, I’ve worked with individuals and businesses throughout the Boston area and elsewhere. Take a moment and learn four things about me!

1. Visual Artist

As an artist, I create bright and texture-rich work to enrich communities and uplift individuals. Motivated by my personal experiences, black culture, and self-love, I share crucial messages through art while inspiring others to discover their passion. 

3. Graphic Designer

As a Graphic Designer, I enjoy sharing advice to early-stage artists and entrepreneurs. I also consult with established businesses in Philadelphia,

New York, Denver, San Francisco, and

my hometown Boston, MA.

2. UX/UI Strategist

As a UX/UI Designer, I develop brand strategies for clients that span from print and digital. I've had clients like Boston While Back, Congresswoman Ayanna Presley, The Boston Arts & Music Soul Festival, other community organizations, and tech start-ups based in Silicon Valley.

4. CEO of Self-Care

When I'm not instructing a paint party, managing projects, or getting involved in the community, I appreciate taking the time to journal, travel, cook vegan dishes, and watch cooking documentaries.


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Please take a moment to explore my work; a mix of
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