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The goal of my artwork is to be functional and accessible to inspire and bring gratitude.  Thank you for visiting my shop!

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Holiday Pre-Order Schedule

Hand Painted Item:

  1. Wine Glasses

  2. Stemless Glasses

  3. Mugs

  4. Whiskey Decanter & Glassware

  5. Wine Decanter

  6. Ornaments***

  7. Wrapping Paper***

Order Between:

  1. October 5th -November 5th

  2. October 5th -November 5th

  3. October 5th -November 5th

  4. October 5th -November 5th

  5. October 5th - November 5th

  6. November 2nd -December 9th

  7. November 2nd-December 9th

Delivered By:

  1. December 5th

  2. December 5th

  3. December 5th

  4. December 5th

  5. December 5th

  6. December 12th

  7. December 12th

All hand-painted items are non-refundable and actual creations may vary due to the product or design enhancements. See the table below to indicate which dates you can order your holiday items and the estimated delivery.

If you have any questions or comments, please email hello@ayanamack.co!


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