Ayana Mack x Art in Bloom: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA

Ayana Mack, Art in Bloom at the MFA, 2022. Photographer: Thomas Townsend

As I reflect on my 10+ years in business, the arch of my creative brand and work begins to take shape in my mind. I recall making the 6hr drive down to Philadelphia more than six years ago, my car packed to the brim with my products to sell at The Black Star Film Festival. I've wanted to showcase my work at this festival for years and finally had the opportunity! I was swelling with pride by the time I arrived. I greeted every potential customer with a bright smile. By the time I got my first sale, I had made friends and bought a few items from other Black participating vendors like Ancient Blends Apothe'Care . It felt good to be surrounded by others with the same grit and motivation I had.

Fast forward, and now in 2022, I am showcasing my art at the highly anticipated return of the Museum of Fine Arts: Art in Bloom - A show that celebrates innovative florists and garden clubs across the city. Having a small part in the weekend festivities meant so much to me and made me remember the long, laborious hours I put into my craft to make it here.

Art in Bloom at the MFA features interpretive floral arrangements of 50 artworks. To complement the event, vendors were invited to fill the museum's first floor and offer a unique shopping experience to museum attendees. As part of the special weekend, I decided to bring back my signature hand-painted glasses - this time, I added champagne flutes and additional color options!

Ayana Mack, Art in Bloom at the MFA, 2022. Top Right: &quo