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Day 2 | Good Vibes in Five

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Challenge Intro


Are you stuck in a rut? Could you feel more motivated or creative? I've been there! The easiest path to get out of your way; is to get out of your head. Keeping a daily journal is a powerful habit for anyone looking to hone their writing skills, clear the mental clutter, and kindle a creative spark.


Advice to Yourself


Suppose you had the chance to give one piece of advice to yourself five years ago. Pick a key area in your life and reflect.

Five key areas to explore:

  1. Work

  2. Home

  3. Community

  4. Self

  5. Social


📓 Grab your Favorite Journal and Use These Prompts

  • Ask yourself - Is it still important today? If not, what would you say?

  • Why did you give that advice?

  • Do you think people can learn from this advice? Or do we always have to learn the hard way?


Journal Shown:

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