Day 3 | Good Vibes in Five

Updated: Nov 19

Challenge Intro

Are you stuck in a rut? Could you feel more motivated or creative? I've been there! The easiest path to get out of your way; is to get out of your head. Keeping a daily journal is a powerful habit for anyone looking to hone their writing skills, clear the mental clutter, and kindle a creative spark.

Find Something Completely New To Do

Nothing can fall into a closed fist, open up and live close to the edge with an idea of your own or one below.

  1. Try a new recipe or takeout spot

  2. Explore your neighborhood and take a stroll at a different time of the day

  3. Read a different news source than you normally do

  4. Take a digital afternoon break and shut your eyes

  5. Research a new travel destination for the future

đź““ Grab your Favorite Journal and Use These Prompts

What new thing did you do today?
How did it go?
How can you keep introducing new things into your life?

Journals Shown:




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