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Day 4 | Good Vibes in Five

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Challenge Intro


Are you stuck in a rut? Could you feel more motivated or creative? I've been there! The easiest path to get out of your way; is to get out of your head. Keeping a daily journal is a powerful habit for anyone looking to hone their writing skills, clear the mental clutter, and kindle a creative spark.


Commitments and Resolutions are Power


How easy is it for you to stay consistent with your commitments? It can be tough, but here are five tips to help you stick with what you say.

  1. Make conscious commitments and have a plan to back them up

  2. Stick with a good habit, even if you feel down, tired, and otherwise thinking of skipping it today

  3. Similar to great athletes, team up and find a coach/mentor to grow your strengths

  4. Balance your expectations by time blocking activities to preserve your energy

  5. Consider joining a Meet-Up or a networking group like Boston While Black


📓 Grab your Favorite Journal and Use These Prompts

  • How can you turn journaling into a commitment?

  • What or Who motivates you to journal?

  • What can you tell yourself when you feel stuck and don’t want to Journal?


Journal Shown:

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